Meet Our Team

In 2011, Susan Bruno and her daughter Stephanie founded DivaCFO. With their complimentary yet opposite skill sets, Susan and Stephanie set out to make finances fun and approachable for women. Helping them complete this mission is Mobile and Web Developer, Colleen Tully, and Graphic Designer, Gretchen Bruno.


Susan is DivaCFO’s visionary. With her 27 years of experience in the finance industry, Susan is the ultimate financial expert. She is a CPA, PFS, and CFP.  She’s a respected expert in the field of helping families deal with all financial aspects of their personal lives. She loves to work with women but finds that it’s the man in the family who handles the family finances. For the past two decades she’s been wondering:WHERE ARE ALL THE WOMEN?! When she does work with women she makes the experience non-threatening and, daresay, fun? Susan loves what she does and it comes across in her energy and passion for the empowerment she is providing both men and women take control of their financial lives. To women everywhere she says, “Be Prepared, Not Scared™”


 As a creative-type, Stephanie found the linear, black and white world of finance intriguing before DivaCFO. With her own personal mission to make finance fun, Stephanie co-founded DivaCFO with her mother after graduating from the University of San Francisco in 2011. Stephanie manages a team of mobile developers, graphic designers, investors and advisors. She is also responsible for overall brand management,  social marketing and website design for DivaCFO. 


Colleen has been working as a web developer and programmer for over 15 years creating custom web/mobile applications and websites for U.S. and international clients. Colleen founded Intrepid Pixel in 2008 when she moved to Boulder, Colorado to be near family.  For the thirteen years prior, she was an owner and partner at RECOL, an ISP and web development firm located in New Haven, CT since 1995. She holds a B.F.A. from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Her unbelievable talent is the glue that keeps the Diva mission intact.


Born with a crayon in her hand, Gretchen is an extremely talented graphic designer with 30+ years of experience. Before starting her own creative agency, Gretchen earned her design stripes  as an Art Director at Conde Nast, Scholastic and Fawcette Technical Publications. She earned her BFS in communications at the Rhode Island School of Design.


LForthLaura is a senior at Boston University majoring in Marketing and Psychology. She spent her last semester traveling abroad in New Zealand gaining experience in crowd-funding and website design. She is so excited to bring those skills to DivaCFO and CollegeDiva. As someone whose foreign travels have often pushed her budget past the limit, she understands the value of financial literacy very well. She hopes that she can help other college students benefit through improving online awareness for DivaCFO and raising funds to aid the growth of CollegeDiva.


CallanCallan is currently a senior studying Accounting at Fairfield Univeristy. She has been involved with numerous leadership positions on campus, including her role as a New Student Leader and a First Year Mentor. In the spring of 2013, Callan studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, where she was able to volunteer with a non-profit organization that aimed to improve the quality of life children with disabilities. Callan believes that it’s important for women to feel confident and independent, especially in handling their own finances. Through working with DivaCFO and CollegeDiva, she hopes to inspire young women to educate themselves on financial literacy and help them to feel empowered and confident in themselves.


Carrie is a rising junior at Hamilton College where she plays Varsity Tennis and majors in Economics. She plans to help promote DivaCFO since she understands the power of becoming financially literate now to plan and secure a successful future. You will see Carrie reaching out as the “CollegeDiva” though Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn and more! Her blog posts will be aimed at the financial issues that are specific and interesting to her peers. This fall, Carrie will be studying abroad at the London School of Economics. Be sure to follow her and subscribe to the CollegeDiva Newsletter!


Shreya is a rising senior at the University of Connecticut in Storrs and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2014. She is majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. On campus, she is involved with the Economics Society and Women in Business. She is also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. She plans to help promote DivaCFO since she understands the power of becoming financially literate now to plan and secure a successful future. You will see Shreya reaching out as the “CollegeDiva” through her college campus, university organizations, and other outlets more geared towards the “younger diva” such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be sure to follow her and subscribe to the CollegeDiva Newsletter!


CharlotteCharlotte Schaffer is a current junior at Stanford University and will graduate in 2015 with a B.A. in Economics. On campus she is a member of Stanford Women in Business, Alpha Phi, and 85 broads. She has also participated in Stanford’s Freshmen Council and the Stanford Ceramics Club. After seeing the many difficulties facing women in the working world through Stanford Women in Business, Charlotte has identified that one of the main ways women can begin to take more control of their lives is through financial literacy. DivaCFO’s goal of empowering of women through financial literacy truly excites Charlotte and through her work as an intern she hopes to help women across the globe plan for a more stable and successful future. 


MengPan_KevinKevin is currently a junior at Boston University’s School of Management studying accounting and finance. The retail and fashion industry has always intrigued him, so in February 2013 along with three peers, he co-founded, a fashion and culture oriented website that aims to develop the next social media platform for fashion and collegiate culture to the Boston area colleges. He is a first generation Ecuadorian of Taiwanese descent and was given the opportunity to have an acceptance of many cultures and understand the way business is conducted in different countries. Being a child of medium-sized business owners has given him a firm business perspective on life and on how vital it is to be stable financially to secure a promising future.


JuliaJulia Maloof is a sophomore International Studies and Sociology major at Johns Hopkins University. She loves to travel and has been to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. She spends most of her free time in coffee shops, reading, or at dance. Julia wants to get involved with Diva because she thinks its important for women to be in control of their finances and understand the protections that they need when they go out into the real world. DivaCFO has helped her personally to start keeping track of her life


RContiRachel Conti is a junior at the University of Connecticut. She is majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration in Communication Design. On campus she is involved in Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society and apart of the Sigma Alpha Pi’s National Society of Leadership and Success. Next year she will be studying abroad at CSM design school in London with hopes of broadening her global perspective in the art realm. As an aspiring designer, she hopes to communicate creative graphics and ideas to the public this semester. 


SamSam is a junior at Dartmouth College where she plays Varsity Ice Hockey and is a double major in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Public Policy. She is also an Economics tutor and a member of Delta Delta Delta, a national sorority. Sam believes financial literacy is something that should command the attention of college students, so she will be actively promoting DivaCFO throughout campus. She thinks financial literacy is an absolute necessity. The importance of a sound financial education is often overlooked and forgotten. She wants to help empower young women through the innovative, non-threatening platform Diva offers.


SlacavaSophie LaCava is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, where she majors in International Studies and Writing Seminars. In her free time, she enjoys writing, marathon training, and trying new restaurants. She wants to get involved with Diva because she feels that financial understanding is crucial to independence, but is seriously underemphasized as a skill-set that women should possess. Being able to confidently manage your own affairs is empowering, and college is the best time to start learning, as young women begin the transition into adulthood. Diva CFO provides the proper tools, in a fun, feminine, and accessible way.


Rachel MarchRachel March is a junior at The Pennsylvania State University, in State College, Pa. She is a statistics major studying to become an actuary. As an actuary, she hopes to manage financial risk, and advise people using statistics and mathematics background on how to safely manage their money. She is involved in the Actuarial Science Club, and will be graduating in May 2015. She wants to work with DivaCFO because she believes it is very important for women to be capable of handling their finances properly. She feels that we all work hard for the money that we earn and an important part of being a responsible adult is handing your money the right way! College is the perfect time to learn how!