Tax Q&A: Travel Reimbursements on a W-2?

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Susan Bruno’s Tax Q&A has been posted on USA Today! Check out the full article with additional questions and answers here. As the April 15 tax deadline fast approaches, you probably have questions. Fortunately, USA Today has answers. Every day until April 15, members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have agreed to answer selected […]

AICPA Survey: Finances Causing Rifts for American Couples

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“Happy” Valentines Day?! When it comes to money matters, everything may not be rosy. Here’s is a survey from the AICPA that states that 30% of all couples arguments are about money. Wants vs. Needs, unexpected expenses and insufficient savings are the top 3 battles. How to prevent this? Read the attached and Stay tuned…Susan Bruno, a member of the AICPA Financial Literacy Commission, will be interviewed by WSJ radio and WBBM today and we will post the recording!

What Is Debt And How Is It Classified For Divorce Purposes?

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Like property, debt is classified as marital or separate. In general, both spouses are responsible for any debts incurred during the marriage. It doesn’t matter which party actually spent the money. When the property is divided at the time of divorce, it’s often the case that the person who gets the asset also gets the […]