How DivaDocs Got Through U.S. Government Security

Diva Docs is no joke. In fact, it is my absolute pleasure to give testimony on such an official application.

Last month, my mom, sisters and I made a very spontaneous decision to travel to Washington, D.C. the next morning. What was the special occasion? My Aunt was to be sworn into the US Government Chief of Staff, and not only did we want to be by her side for this distinguished achievement, but we wanted to surprise her!

Upon our arrival, my Aunt was both shocked and thrilled. I on the other hand, got a not-so-pleasant surprise when I realized I had forgotten to bring along a form of ID! (Don’t do this, no matter how spontaneous your trip is!) Being that the security in a US Government facility is very strict, I knew there was no way I could make it past the front desk without an ID and more importantly, share this memorable occasion with my Aunt. I was in a total panic.

BUT… luckily for me, I had begun my Diva Docs scavenger hunt that same week! The first two documents I had uploaded were my license and my passport – both of which were legitimate enough to confirm my identity and allow the US Government officials to issue me a visitor’s pass. Yes, I was able to attend the event AND yes, I was on time. Wow, talk about a truly valuable app! I hadn’t had Diva Docs for more than a week before it came to my rescue… never again will I be unprepared or scared!

-Alexandra Ramos


  1. I don’t have a iPhone; do you have an app for the Droid or PC?

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