Get Organized: Tips on Conquering Office Organization

Our friend, Taylor Tait, is a professional organizer and has given us several tips over the years on getting our lives in order. As the  mother of 3 growing boys,  Taylor enjoys using her organizing, management, and problem-solving skills to effectively help her clients simplify and organize their families, households, and small businesses. Taylor recently introduced us to  NAPO, as in the National Organization of Professional Organizers; we had no clue an organization like this existed and were happy to scour the website for some tips. Here are NAPOs three tips on conquering your files:

  1. Create a filing system for your electronic documents that mirrors the one you have for paper. Sort, file, and purge electronic information regularly.
  2. Keep a file index (a master list of file names). Check the index before creating a new file to avoid making duplicates. Also use it when deciding where to put new documents.
  3. Keep the most recent papers in the front of the file. Whenever you open it, the current information will be on top.

Want to know more about Taylor? Visit her website, for more information on her career as a professional organizer; and check out her social recycling initiative,

P.S. – Go one step further and scan your documents to file them virtually. It’s important to have a scanner that will upload your documents clearly and quickly. We love our Fujitsu ScanSnap  that can scan multiple files at once.

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