Diva Entrepreneur Series: Trademarks The Spot

We met JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business, a television show dedicated to issues affecting small business owners, at a conference back in July. To make our Diva Entrepreneur Series extra special, we asked JJ to come up with five questions she would ask you if you were on her show.
Laurie Marshall is a Trademark Attorney and the owner of Trademarks the Spot, a practice that includes a broad range of intellectual property matters, including international and domestic trademark prosecution, performing and reviewing trademark searches, counseling clients regarding trademark clearance, trademark enforcement, negotiation and drafting of agreements and opposition practice. Here’s how Laurie’s responded to JJ’s 5 questions:
What does your company do and why did you start it?
My company focuses on trademark searching, clearance and application filing.   I started this company to provideaffordable flat-fee rates for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
2. Like all female business owners, you seem to be doing a lot all at once, how do you handle it?
Females have the innate ability to juggle whatever comes their way… I think that the more I am challenged, the better I become at everything I do.
3. What advice would you give other women who want to start their own business?
I think this goes for everyone, find a void that needs to be filled- I believe these are the best businesses.
4.  What was your biggest struggle/setback and how did you overcome it?
I have not had one yet- I will let you know as I am sure one will come my way!
5.  What’s the one big thing you want to tell us about the future of your company?
I only see it moving forward from here… I can’t say that is BIG, but for me it is… 
A big thank you to TradeMarks The Spot and Laurie Marshall for participating in our Diva Entrepreneur Series!

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