“I want to help millions of women get in the game”

One of our local newspapers, The Darien News, wrote a story on our founders, Susan and Stephanie Bruno, titled, “Darien business shares the Diva approach to finances.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

According to Susan Bruno, a Darien financial consultant with 25 years of experience, more than half and maybe up to 85 percent of women 20 to 70 years old lack the basic knowledge they need to handle their own financial affairs. Yet at the same time, up to 90 percent of the same women consider themselves the head honcho in the household when it comes to spending and making financial decisions.

‘They feel like they can’t really criticize when they are the stay-at-home mom looking for the new SUV,” Bruno said. “Just because they are highly educated doesn’t mean they have stepped up to the plate in their personal finances.’

Bruno and her daughter, Stephanie, have launched a new business designed to help empower women and better help them understand their own personal finances, as well as the family checkbook. Called DivaCFO, the new business is a venture that combines basic financial knowledge we all should know with a user-friendly, visually pleasing interface geared toward a female audience.

Read the rest of the article here.


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