Fun Date Ideas That Can be Done on the Cheap

The economy may still be struggling, but that doesn’t mean your love life has to be. In the middle of wrangling the bills on your credit cards and getting your budget under control, don’t be afraid to take the reins when it comes to scheduling a little quality time with your partner. In fact, you can show him how it’s really done by taking him on a date that is just as fun as it is economical. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Go roller blading. Summer’s here, you’re itching to get outside, and there’s a good chance that he is, too. Grabbing a pair of roller blades (or if you know how, a skateboard) is a great way to get some exercise, work on your tan, and spend time with your favourite guy all at once. Plus, if you live in a scenic area, it can be a good way to enjoy the city. Make a stop at a local ice cream shop and grab a couple of cones to cool down and have a chance to talk.

Create your own cinema. This date idea hardly requires any planning, making it an easy go-to, no matter what day of the week it is. Dinner for two (prepared at home is less expensive than dining out) followed by a new release on DVD is the perfect way to simulate the dinner-and-a-movie experience without blowing $100. If you have a chance, pick up some popcorn, soft drinks, and candy beforehand, just in case your man wants concessions.

Watch the big game at a sports bar. Wine tastings and fancy dinners are nice, but why not venture over to the sportier side of things every once in a while? If you’re one of those ladies who shares her guy’s passion for sports, head to a local bar to talk hockey (or basketball or tennis) with him and a couple of his friends. You can get beer on tap, munch on the peanuts, and impress him with your willingness to do what he loves.

Walk the path to enlightenment. A lot of museums offer free admission or donations only, so this is a great way to spend a day. Call ahead to a couple of museums to ask about pricing, then plan your day around it. You can pack a picnic lunch to eat in the park, making it even more of a romantic date, for little to no money at all.

Take advantage of daily deals. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice time out ever. Sites like Groupon are always offering discounts on dinners for two, coffee dates, or even spa days. Keep an eye out for one that looks perfect for you and your significant other, and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank — or your prepaid credit cards, for that matter.

These ideas give new meaning to the phrase “cheap date.” They work because they’re unique and easy to plan, so get creative once you’ve exhausted all of these possibilities to find even more fun things to do with your love.

[Guest Post] Michael Edmondstone is a freelance personal finance writer from London who loves giving tips on how to save and make extra money. He has no formal training in the subject, just an inquisitive mind and a passion for getting the most from his money.

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