Diva Of The Week Series: Elle Robinson

1.   Describe your financial life in a few words.
Trying to save and payoff my student loans while maintaining a modest diva lifestyle of fashion and travel.

2.  Look inside your wallet.  What do you see?
Business cards! Free coffee punch card, bobby pins, bus pass, debit/credit cards, insurance cards and way too many receipts.

3.  Name a time that your emergency funds saved your butt.
When speeding and parking tickets were not factored into my monthly budget.

4.  What’s your greatest financial accomplishment to date?
I started saving money when I was fifteen because I knew I wanted to study abroad in undergrad. I spent a semester studying in Rome and was able to travel all over Italy, Central and South America, Europe, and North Africa.

5.  Which of the 5D’s (death, divorce, disability, disaster, debt) do you think is hardest to prepare for?
All of them! Right now my biggest fear is disability - physically not being able to accomplish your goals would be the hardest D for me to live with on a daily basis.

6.  Name something you couldn’t afford but bought anyways. Do you have any regrets?

All my travels this year, I have dedicated the year to exploring ‘American Cities’ even though I live in the best American city- San Francisco J

7.  Who do you feel most comfortable talking with about your finances?

My mom, she is a financial manager.

8. If you could go back in time, what financial advice would you tell the “younger you?”
Don’t start dying your hair! It’s an expensive addiction!

9.  Name a decision you’ve made that has changed your financial life for the better.

I started monitoring my coffee shop purchases and was shocked about how much they added up to overtime. So now I buy a $20 gift card for myself each month and once that is used up I have reached my monthly caffeine capacity.

10.  Where do you hope to see your financial life in five years?

I will have my loans paid off and a strong savings account. Also by then I hope to have a better understanding of the  investments I have made thru my benefits plan.



  1. What a financially stable DIVA! Love this article, you go girl!

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