Diva Of The Week Series: Kim Kiner

1. Describe your financial life in a few words.

Conservative investments, college savings, stick to a strict weekly budget/tight monthly income; not much room to be creative on investments.

2. Look inside your wallet. What do you see?

Some cash/small bills, 2 credit cards, driver’s license, pix of kids

3. Name a time that your emergency funds saved your butt. 

When my husband lost his job 18 years ago.

4. What’s your greatest financial accomplishment to date? 

Large sales commissions from big account closings.

5. Which of the 5D’s (death, divorce, disability, disaster, debt) do you think is hardest to prepare for?


 6. Name something you couldn’t afford but bought anyways. Do you have any regrets?

Vacations—no regrets

7. Who do you feel most comfortable talking with about your finances? 

Our financial investor

8. If you could go back in time, what financial advice would you tell the “younger you?” 

Invest more when you have it and make a Will

9. Name a decision you’ve made that has changed your financial life for the better. 

Made my first investments in two aggressive Mutual Funds and bought my first property in the same month at age 26

10. Where do you hope to see your financial life in five years? 

More secure in the college and retirement investments/savings arenas—knowing that we will have enough to cover expenses and a comfortable and adventurous retirement life.

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