Every Diva Loves A Party

We feel so fortunate to have people in our life who are immensely supportive and energetic about our mission at DivaCFO. With the blog turning 6 months and our app’s release date approaching, we thought it was an appropriate time for a par-tay!

Most of the night was spent outside enjoying the summer breeze, though we did venture inside for a bit to show everyone the progress we’ve made on our iPhone app, DivaDocs. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ll be submitting DivaDocs into the AppStore within the next couple of weeks. If all goes well and we get accepted by Apple, we should be available for download by the end of the summer!

A sea of pink and green! We asked our guests to come in the proper Diva attire and they definitely delivered!

Our signature Diva drink is made up of Tito’s vodka, a splash of cranberry and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Try it and think of us.

A HUGE thank you to Lauren Flournoy for the fabulous photos she captured of this special night and Rob+Avery Flowers for the beautiful flowers. xoxo


  1. The DivaDames sure know how to throw a party! Sorry I couldn’t join you. I felt I was there in those FABULOUS pic’s. Great decorations, btw. Can’t wait for the app!!!!!!!

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