Diva Of The Week Series

It seems like just yesterday we were announcing our 1,000th hit on the site and now, just a few short months later, we have reached 10,000 hits! In honor of this milestone we’re starting a new series called, “Diva Of The Week,” that will feature remarkable women like yourselves. I used myself as an example “Diva Of The Week”  to show you exactly what you’re in for!

 Be Our Diva Of The Week

  • Answer our 10 questions below- Your answers can be as short or long as you’d like, and don’t be afraid to have fun with them!
  • Include a picture of yourself (around 180×180 px, if possible)
  • Share some personal details for your feature profile (hometown, birthday, # of kids, # of pets, whatever you feel comfortable with!)
  • Email all of the above to Stephanie@divacfo.com
(We’ve attached a Word document at the end of this post including the questions and additional instructions to make things easy.)

 10 Questions for 10,000 hits

1. Describe your financial life in a few words.
A work in progress
2. Look inside your wallet. What do you see?
2 debit cards, a brand new TX driver’s license, my AAA card, personal AMEX, business AMEX, health insurance card, three dollar bills, tons of quarters (laundry!), a Dunkin Donuts punch card, and a PetSmart receipt.
3. Name a time that your emergency funds saved your butt.
I put a major dent in a U-Haul that I rented for the day. Insurance didn’t cover the damage so I was forced to shell out $2,700 for repairs. It was a painful lesson to learn but I’m so glad that I had extra money saved up.
4. What’s your greatest financial accomplishment to date?
Being financially independent right out of college. It’s a great feeling to be able to pay my rent, student loan payments, car payments and other bills without having to rely on anyone else.
5. Which of the 5D’s (death, divorce, disability, disaster, debt) do you think is hardest to prepare for?
Definitely death. It’s an uncomfortable subject that involves an extraordinary amount of paperwork and planning.
6. Name something you couldn’t afford but bought anyway. Do you have any regrets?
I bought a Golden Retriever puppy a few months ago. Between vet bills, food and other initial expenses, it hasn’t been cheap (see our post on The Price Of A Puppy here) but my pup has enhanced my life in every way possible- and that’s priceless.
7. Who do you feel most comfortable talking with about your finances?
This is an easy one for me because my mom is a CPA/Financial Planner.  Talking money often brings up emotions that can distract from making the smartest choices. My mom has the ability to separate the two, which makes her an ideal person to go to for advice.
8. If you could go back in time, what financial advice would you tell the “younger you?”
Listen to your mother. She knows what she’s talking about especially when it comes to budgeting, credit cards and saving money. She knows best because does this for a living.
9. Name a decision you’ve made that has changed your financial life for the better.
I switched over to online billing. Managing my bills online has not only saved me time and money, but has also given me peace of mind to know that I can login and monitor my account anytime.
10. Where do you hope to see your financial life in five years?
In five years I’ll be 28 and by then I hope to have my student loans completely paid off.  In that time I also hope to establish a good line of credit for myself and keep a zero balance on my credit card.
Want to be Diva Of The Week? Download this document Diva Of The Week Questions , fill it out and send them over to stephanie@divacfo.com!


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