What Are The 5D’s?

 I wish I could tell you that our 5 D’s stood for diamonds, detox, denim, David Beckham & Dior, but our D’s stand for death, divorce, disability, disaster & debt. While nothing can prepare you for the emotional aspects of these life changers, a Diva should always be prepared  financially.  (With our help, of course!)

Now, it’s time to stop being left out of the loop! Demand to know what you have and what you need to protect yourself and your family. And spend the time to really understand and not rely on others to handle your financial affairs. Empower yourself NOW before any of the 5D’s strike. We will provide you with the appropriate questions to ask to find out the answers you need.

Next week we’ll be doing a series of posts on the 5 D’s: one D per day. Our posts will include our personal experiences with each subject and we encourage you to chime in too.

Have a fantastic weekend, Divas! xoxo


  1. Great advice, clean clear and commands attention. I heard about you from the Flowers in Darien, thanks!
    I cannot wait to meet you in person-you are making a contribution to women’s lives, I appreciate that-your person will take off big time !
    You deserve it!

    • Hi Liz! We can’t tell you how much comments like these mean to us! We’re glad you like the blog & stay posted for our iPhone app – out this summer! xo

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