Divas for Financial Literacy Month

Listen up Divas! April is financial literacy month which means its time to kick your finances into gear and start establishing some healthy financial habits. In honor of this oh-so-Divalicious month, we’ve updated our pledge and it’s ready for YOU to take! Repeat after us:

I believe in the importance of my financial health.

I accept my new title as Diva Chief Financial Organizer

by understanding & organizing of my personal finances.

I will welcome the strength financial clarity gives me

to protect myself and my family before the 5D’s ever occur.

5 simple steps to become your own CFO

1. Take  our pledge. Print it out (here), sign it and stick that sucker up in a place you’ll see every day. Tell your friends about it and tell them to take it too. You’ll be more likely to keep your promise if you have other people to keep you accountable. Plus, it’s always more fun to do something with a friend.

2. Subscribe to our posts. We get that your inbox is already pushing maximum capacity (what woman’s isn’t?) but TRUST that we’ll keep things interesting and worth your while. Learn, grow and get organized with us!

3. Get organized. The first step to financial clarity is organization. Keep in mind that organization doesn’t equal financial awareness but it’s a key ingredient in your overall financial success. If you need motivation to get started check out last week’s post on our printables for your at-home file system.

4. Refer to our archives. We’ve pumped out close to 100 posts from the time we started this blog in January! Posts are archived by category under the Topics menu button. Here are the links to each archive page: Budgeting / Home & Auto / Tax & Legal / Investment / Insurance / Retirement / Estate / Debt

5. Dont try to drink out of a fire hose! We like martini glasses much better anyway! Don’t take on too much or we can guarantee you will become overwhelmed and then give up.  Pick an area that’s keeping you up at night, like worrying about not having a will OR not having a clue what’s in it, and reward yourself for learning that before moving on to your next project!

We hope everyone had a FANTASTIC & restful long weekend! xoxo
P.S. – Fellow bloggers: Take the pledge, stick the badge {below} on your site and we’ll feature your logo on our pledge page!


  1. Awesome pledge! I especially like the tip to “tell your friends.” Accountability is so important when you want to take a step like this (no pun intended haha) and the more you share it – either with your friends and family or the online equivalent – the better!

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