Girl Scouts for Financial Literacy

In honor of their 100th anniversary, our favorite cookie-selling cuties can now earn badges for being financially savvy! We love their initiative to start teaching children about money from a young age. Below is a breakdown of the new badges:

Brownies  (girls ages 7-9) can now earn the Money Manager Badge for learning how to manage money wisely and the Philanthropist Badge for helping people in need.

Junior Scouts (ages 9-11) can earn the Savvy Shopper Badge for knowing the difference between needs and wants- and showing the ability to smartly save for both. Juniors can also earn the Business Owner Badge for learning the basic steps to plan and create a new business.

Cadettes (ages 11-14) can earn the Budgeting Badge for showing the ability to keep track of their money, save for the things they need and want, and help others by giving. Cadettes can also earn the Comparison Shopping Badge for demonstrating the ability to go online to find the best deals on the best products in the safest way possible and the Financing My Dreams Badge for knowing the realities of budgeting and how to practice financial habits that will help them in the future.

Senior Scouts (ages 14-16) can earn the Financing My Future Badge by having a plan for their educational future—including ideas on how to pay for it and the Buying Power Badge for demonstrating the ability to research and budget for a big purchase for themselves or their family.

Ambassadors (ages 16-18) can earn the On My Own Badge for understanding the importance of creating a budget and the Good Credit Badge for learning about different ways to borrow money and understand the importance of establishing good credit.

Child not a Girl Scout? That doesn’t mean that they should be left out! Create your own set of badges or rewards for them to earn for learning about money.


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