Information to Gather After a Car Accident


Name, Automobile owner’s name, Car registration, Insurance company, Insurance policy number, Driver’s license number. If you are hesitant about safety, don’t give your address or phone number to anyone but the police. Don’t forget to: Write down the license plate number and state of any other vehicles involved in the accident. You’ll also want a […]

5 Things to Consider Before Taking the Job


1. It’s About the Money, Honey What if the salary you’ve been offered is less than you expected? First, find out how frequently you can expect performance reviews and/or pay increases. Expect the company to increase your salary at least annually. To fully evaluate the salary being offered, compare it with the average pay of […]

7 Ways to Save this Holiday Season


Gift-giving doesn’t have to be super expensive. Consider more personal gifts: photographs, things you made yourself, things of sentimental value. Here are a few ideas: Bake cookies – real homemade cookies, not from a roll or a box – you can make a variety and create fun assortments. Have a green thumb? Jellies, pickles, and […]