Joline Godfrey: Financial Education Is Not JUST About Money

Raising Financially Fit Kids

Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means, is also the author of four books on financial education. Independent Means is one of the leading financial education firms in the world. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with Joline about the new edition of Raising Financially Fit Kids, the business of financial education and her approach in […]

Should You Pay Your Taxes with a Credit Card?


We found this great article on by Sabah Karimi. Read the full article here.  This method of payment can be convenient and save you money—but there are some drawbacks. If your 2012 tax liability is larger than you anticipated and you don’t have the funds to cover your tax payment, setting up a payment […]

Tax Q&A: Travel Reimbursements on a W-2?

Balance statement

Susan Bruno’s Tax Q&A has been posted on USA Today! Check out the full article with additional questions and answers here. As the April 15 tax deadline fast approaches, you probably have questions. Fortunately, USA Today has answers. Every day until April 15, members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have agreed to answer selected […]